About University of the Philippines Mindanao

The largest private university in the Philippines, the University of Mindanao is located in Davao City on the Southern Philippine island. Over 40,000 students pursue undergraduate, postgraduate and doctoral degrees on the university’s 13 campuses.

The academic programs at the University of Mindanao are located at three campuses. The Bangoy Campus is devoted to technical and vocational courses. The Bolton Campus houses the Graduate School and the Colleges of Business Administration and Law. The Matina Campus is the most full, with the Colleges of Accountancy, Architecture, Arts and Sciences, Computing, Criminology, Education, Engineering, Forestry and Nursing.

The main campus of the University of Mindanao is in an education-heavy corner of Davao City, close to the banks of the Davao River. Campuses for the University of the Philippines Mindanao and the Philippine Women’s College are immediately adjacent. There is a bus stop at the Refuge Youth Center, relatively close to the edge of campus. A ride from the People’s Park would take only a few minutes.

Established as the Mindanao Colleges in 1946, the University of Mindanao was a direct result of the Philippines’ rebuilding efforts after World War II. The institution, founded by Atty. Guillermo E. Torres, worked from its early years to provide “education for all”.