About Princess Nora Bint Abdulrahman University

Princess Nora Bint Abdulrahman University is the largest women’s university in the world also known for its incredible campus which houses many beautiful architectural gems. The University was opened in 1970 and has recently benefited from the construction of its new campus which was opened in 2011. The University currently offers a varied program of subjects and has over 60,000 students.

The campus of Princess Nora Bint Abdulrahman University is renowned as one of the finest in the world and has over 600 high-tech buildings. One of the best places to visit is the central library, currently home to two million books, while there are very generous recreational opportunities at the University including state-of-the-art sports facilities. The University is also notable for having its own automated metro service which is capable of operating without a driver.

Princess Nora Bint Abdulrahman University is situated on the outskirts of Riyadh and is easily reachable by taxi from the rest of the city. International visitors to Riyadh can land at King Khalid International Airport, Saudi Arabia’s second largest airport providing flights all over the world including the United States and Europe. Taxis are the most popular way to get around Riyadh and are also the most convenient way to reach the city from the airport.

After being founded in 1970, Princess Nora Bint Abdulrahman University soon expanded significantly until eventually, it became capable of accommodating 60,000 students. The new campus of the University is notable for having been constructed in two years, a record time for such an ambitious project. Due to the considerable size of the University, an extensive driverless metro network was developed capable of quickly transporting students and faculty all over the campus.