About Mount Panorama Circuit

Mount Panorama Circuit, better known as “Bathurst”, is Australia’s premier motor racing track famous around the world for its long straights and arduous downhill turns. The legendary circuit is renowned for hosting the iconic Bathurst 1000 and the Bathurst 12 Hour.

Arrive in time for an event to witness the world’s most talented drivers tackle the track’s unforgiving Hell Corner and reach top speeds along Mountain Straight. When no events are scheduled, buckle up and experience the thrill of driving the Mount Panorama Circuit for yourself. Take in the views at Brock’s Skyline and experience the sensation of the famous Big Dipper.

Learn more about Australia’s car racing history at the National Motor Racing Museum. Explore an impressive collection of classic cars and motorsport memorabilia, then learn about the track from its beginnings in the early 1930s and discover the legends along the way.

Getting there

Located in Bathurst, Mount Panorama is about 2.5 hours’ drive west of Sydney via the Blue Mountains on the Great Western Highway. Daily trains and coaches arrive at Bathurst Railway Station from Sydney Central Station within about 3.5 hours. From the station, the circuit is a short bus or taxi ride away.